Enchanting. Adventurous. Re-energising. - Gran Baita Family Hotel
Enchanting. Adventurous. Re-energising.
Enchanting. Adventurous. Re-energising. - Gran Baita Family Hotel
Enchanting. Adventurous. Re-energising.
Enchanting. Adventurous. Re-energising. - Gran Baita Family Hotel
Enchanting. Adventurous. Re-energising.

Summer in Trentino: the best holidays for children

Choose the Val di Fassa for your next holiday in the mountains, for an unforgettable experience, excursions, and fun with all the family!

Choose the Val di Fassa for your next holiday in the mountains, for an unforgettable experience, excursions, and fun with all the family!

The mountains aren’t just about snow and skiing! During the summer, the Val di Fassa is an enchanting place, with vast green expanses, the scent of summer flowers and pine forests, dazzling blue skies and clean air. This whole area is strongly associated with peace, wellbeing and places to explore. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

Enjoy experiences with your family, immersed in the green of the hills, in gentle temperatures, whilst still basking in sunshine. So what’s available in the mountains during the summer? We’ve thought of everything – you just need to choose your favourite activities and enjoy time with your family.

Cycling excursions Adventures on two wheels

The Fiemme and Fassa cycle path is a magical track between Canazei and Moline di Fiemme, a marvellous route that crosses two of Trentino’s most beautiful valleys in the heart of the Dolomites, and ideal for an enjoyable family bike ride. The itinerary is suitable for children: 48km on gently sloping or descending terrain, so you can ride safely and without worrying. The small bridges that cross the River Avisio and the dramatic noise of the waterfalls have a fairytale-like quality. You’ll enjoy superb views of Sassolungo, the Monzoni range, the Catinaccio group and the Lagorai, and can treat yourselves to a well-earned break on the shores of Lago di Soraga.
And if you start to feel weary?
With the Bike Express service, getting home is easy! You can take advantage of the convenient shuttle service, with a trailer for your bikes, which will take you back to your departure point. There are 15 stops along the way, so you can jump on or off according to your starting or finishing point. At the Family Hotel Gran Baita, everything is organised to guarantee you are safe at all times.
For your cycling holidays in Trentino-Alto Adige, you can choose to bring your own bikes or to hire high-quality bikes from just 300m from our Family Hotel.
And if your children are still too small to ride their own bikes? No problem. You’ll find everything you need, including seats, trailers and electric models.

Cycle hire prices
Bicycle rental for children: half day €10, full day €18.
Bicycle rental for adults: half day €14, full day €25

Rafting on the Torrente Avisio Adrenaline rush

If zooming down a ski slope at full pelt in the winter is your idea of fun, you can get the same thrill from rafting. Experience an adrenaline rush and thrill together, with maximum safety. Children over 6 years can participate, accompanied by an adult.

When: Thursdays, from 08:50 to 13:00
What you need: swimming costume and towel for adults and children
What we provide: wet suit and equipment provided by Avisio Rafting
Cost for adults: €35
Cost for children: €22

Outings and excursions In contact with nature

Experience with your family the thrill of climbing to high altitudes to enjoy breathtaking unspoiled landscapes, from rocky expanses to multi-coloured flower-filled meadows. If you love hiking and want to share those precious moments with your family, at the Family Hotel Gran Baita we can recommend a series of easy routes that your children will also enjoy: admire the waterfalls of the Val di San Nicolò, the Roda di Vael refuge and many other magical places. When you need a break or some refreshment, enjoy a packed picnic lunch prepared by our chefs amidst the greenery or choose from several refuges where you can sample mountain specialities.

Horse riding The thrill of the saddle

The Angerle Alm riding school for adults and children is just 10km from the Family Hotel Gran Baita, at Passo Costalunga. Learn to ride under the guidance of expert instructors and get to know man’s second-best friend: the horse.

Discovering the Paneveggio Natural Park Immersed in greenery

Discover the marvellous Natural Park, just 60 minutes’ drive from the Family Hotel Gran Baita. Immerse yourselves in a world of animals, plants and traditional Trentino products on an unforgettable family day out.

Nature laboratory Experiences in nature

Here at the Family Hotel Gran Baita, the family is at the heart of all we do. Join our exclusive ‘Looking for marmots and squirrels’ activity where both you and your children can learn together, accompanied by expert guides. Meet at the hotel at 09:30, returning at 16:00, and discover what life is really like in a mountain hut!

Mountain trips Dizzying natural emotions

For those who want to free their inner hiking soul, we organise medium-difficulty adult hikes each Wednesday and Friday with an expert mountain guide. Maurizio and Alessandro, our expert guides, certainly know how to impress! Discover the natural beauty of our mountains.

Walk hand in hand in the beautiful Val di Fassa Rediscover romance

The Dolomites are ranked among the world’s most beautiful mountains: hike hand in hand along their paths and immerse yourselves completely in the sounds and aromas of the mountain. You may opt to be accompanied by an expert guide or to go alone; in this case, we’ll provide everything you need for a unique experience.

The culture of the Dolomites Art amongst the peaks

The Family Hotel Gran Baita invites you to discover the history of the Dolomites through its stories of man and nature.


Museum of the Great War

Paths through the trenches: these open-air museums have trails that cross the former trenches of the Great War. Against the magnificent backdrop of a grand-scale landscape, they are also hugely evocative on account of the people who lost their lives fighting on the mountain peaks. They vary in difficulty, from simple trails to more challenging routes where you will need a guide.


Monzoni Mineralogical Museum

A fantastic private collection of minerals gathered in the Dolomites, and an experience to be shared with children. Val di Fassa is known throughout the world for the richness and variety of its minerals. In fact, the mineral Fassaite owes its name to this valley.


Cultural museum of Ladin customs and traditions

In Ladin, the Val di Fassa is known as Val de Fascia. This is one of the Ladin valleys with their own language and identity, with collections exhibited here that illustrate this. Housing artefacts that reveal local traditions, and agricultural and craft activities that are typical of the Ladin culture, the museum is in the hamlet of San Giovanni di Fassa.


The museum of the Ötzi mummy in Bolzano

Referred to variously as Similaun Man, the Similaun Mummy or Iceman: for us, he will always be Ötzi. Visit the museum in Bolzano to see the Similaun Man mummy and discover his story, from its discovery to the causes of death and a host of curiosities and mysteries that surround our ancestor.


MuSe: the Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento

You can’t miss MuSe, Trentino’s natural science museum designed by world-famous architect Renzo Piano. Visit both permanent and temporary exhibitions, explore the history of animals, plants and men of the Alps, and immerse yourself in a tropical greenhouse.

Extreme sports: push yourself to the limit Rise to the challenge

Does the world ‘mountain’ represent for you a limitless world of climbing and experiences? At the Family Hotel Gran Baita, we’ve also considered adults who love the thrill of throwing themselves into adrenaline-pumping activities. Together with Fassa Outdoor Sport, we organise mountain bike tours of the Sellaronda, via ferrata and climbing.

And if you like high-altitude adventure and hiking, and want to have a truly green holiday, find out all about the PanoramaPass!

Relaxation at the Chicco di Caffè Savour the moment

Step into our Spa and let yourself be enveloped in peace and tranquillity. Enjoy a wide range of services, including:

Hydromassage to relax the muscles
Emotional showers for a unique sensory experience
Finnish sauna to warm the body and free the mind
Biosauna for mental and physical wellbeing
Turkish bath for deep cleansing of your skin
Relaxation room to completely unwind
Herbal tearoom where you can sip hot, detoxing drinks

How about a total relaxation experience? Our Spa manager is well qualified in a range of specialised techniques and treatments aimed at the care and wellbeing of body and mind.

Outdoor play Fun amidst nature

Let’s play outdoors in the playground! With mum and dad nearby, you can experience the thrill of flying among the colours of the Piciocaa Adventure Park! You’ll find walkways suspended between raised platforms and between the trees, crisscrossing dense woods and streams.

Let’s get to know some of the world’s smaller animals Explore the wildlife

We’ll be waiting for you in the garden with Laura, our new friend from the educational farm. She’ll introduce you to lots of animals… We may have already seen some of them… but others will definitely be a surprise to you.

Introduction to climbing for children (7-14 years) Discover new heights

A must-do for the little climbers of tomorrow. A perfect day for children to learn about the discipline of climbing in a safe and fun way. Led by expert alpine guides, children learn how to move vertically, climb easy rock walls, tackle Tibetan bridges and descend from suspended ziplines.

Let’s discover the beauty of nature Savour the mountain world

Our expert nature guides, Maurizio and Alessando, are ready to impress! With them, an excursion is not just about reaching a destination, but about living a story and a multitude of emotions, step by step. On their excursions, you’ll discover weird and wonderful things about plants and animals in a real-life open-air nature experience.

Te coa de la scheratola – in the squirrel’s lair Explore, admire, fly

An easy 2-hour excursion, suitable for all. In addition to being amongst the forest and its plants and getting to know them, you’ll go right into where the squirrels live and, if you’re lucky, will get to see them.

In the afternoon, you can experience the thrill of the Fly Line, a path in the woods suspended ‘by a thread’.

Nature excursion Explore with Luca

Exploring the forest and surviving on your own amidst nature is not an experience for everyone. Our naturalist Luca will guide you and reveal the secrets of adventurous explorers like Davy Crockett, demonstrating how they sheltered, navigated and kept the fire alight… Your chance to become a little big EXPLORER!

Aqui & Lotto games room and our large lawn Have fun with us

Every day, Aqui & Lotto will be waiting for you in the games room, ready to entertain you with a range of interesting activities in our garden or indoors, in over 150m² of space filled with creative things to do.

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